"Life rises and falls on the backs of great Leaders"!

Being a Senior Pastor for the last 10 years and having over 17 years of ministry and business experience I have found that leadership is the key component to every relationship, business, non- profit organization, athletic team and church/ministry organization succeeding at its full capacity! 

When strong leadership is present there is no limitation to the height of success that can be achieve.   Dreams can be realized, plans become galvanized, and obstacles are pulverized if great leadership is present. 

When you realize that your the vessel that has been chosen to lead people from bondage to a land of creativity and prosperity, it changes the way you look at life.  You start to live every day trying to unleash the BIG in others!  Your life mission is to see others manifest and blossom into the person the only dreamed of being.  If you are reading this and everything in you is leaping and jumping its because the BIG N U is responding to the clarion call for great leaders to emerge in the earth! 



If this world is going to experience change for the better, its going to need agents of change who can reproduce after their own kind! 

Step up and release the BIG N U AND LIVE BORN 2 LEAD!